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We are a group of Organisational & Clinical Psychologists, Career Coaches and Workplace Specialists who are passionate about people. We are "people people" with extensive experience across all levels and industries. We pride ourselves on our extensive qualifications and continual learning within our areas of speciality.
We help people and organisations at every point in their career life cycle. We are located across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom. We are constantly expanding our network.

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  • We don’t sell to clients. We build relationships with people.
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    We take the time to listen to your holistic needs and scope of work.
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Supporting you through the career life cycle


Hire me

  • Psychometric assessment
  • Interview skills for managers

Teach me

  • Facilitation of workshops, webinars and learning experience
  • Supervision of psych interns

Grow me

  • Leadership development programs
  • Performance potential programs
  • Assessment and development centres

Coach me

  • Coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Mentoring programs

Retain me

  • Talent programs
  • Succession plans

Help me

  • Individual career counselling
  • Mental health and wellbeing programs

Help my team

  • Team building
  • Team strategy

Help my organisation

  • Leadership frameworks
  • Organisational development
  • Bespoke consulting projects

Transition me

  • Outplacement
  • Career exiting
  • Return to work parents

Kim designed and developed two change management (OD) interventions for People Managers in Australia and New Zealand. They were very well received and the rest of the business quickly heard about them. They were then translated into five Asian languages and were rolled out across eight countries. 

Tony Martin

Regional HR Director, Energizer

Kim designed and facilitated a Leadership and Change workshop for our National Sales Team for about 20 participants. She is an extremely passionate facilitator and we learned a lot from the day. I'd be glad to recommend her for future. 

Olivia Miller

Pacific HR Manager, FMCG organisation

I have worked with Kim on a number of senior level assignments. She has demonstrated a very high level of proficiency as an industrial psychologist and has provided us with deep insight into the profiles of executives that we were working with at the time. I would highly recommend Kim to any person or organisation looking for an accomplished professional in her field. 

Stephen Rothgiesser

Managing Director, The Change Consulting Group

Keith conducted a Job Profiling exercise of key Master Data Quality (MDQ) roles. Keith made a great effort to research the data quality practices and processes and came to each session fully knowledgeable on the role function. His profiling sessions were well facilitated and he made carefully considered recommendations. Not to mention that he was gracious, constantly accommodated my demanding schedule and was committed to supporting me in achieving my deadline.

Tamara Haida

MDQ Project Manager, Shoprite Checkers (Pty) Ltd

May I take the opportunity to say how impressed I was with Kim H’s conducting of the feedback session. She was well prepared, agile, responsive and committed to the dialogue. I really appreciated her contributions and feel that they are already making a difference. 

Ann Irving

General Manager, Foundation College, Chisholm Institute

Claire, thanks a million for the great work on this project. What I saw so far was very impressive and your contribution really made a huge difference in helping us deliver the project successfully. 

Henry Chamberlain

Director & Founder, Henry Chamberlain Consulting

Throughout the time I worked with Kim H, I was able to gain insight into my behaviours and how they impacted on my working relationships, particularly as a leader in a senior management role within DHHS. I would highly recommend any individual to engage in coaching as the benefits are long standing and empowering. In fact I have continued to advocate for all our staff members to have the opportunity to engage in coaching so convinced am I regarding the benefits. 

Lynn Stephens

Practice Manager, After Hours Child Protection Emergency Service, Department of Health & Human Services

Thank you (Kim H) for what you have enabled me to unlock in the few short months that we have been working together. The sessions have enabled me to really explore ways to improve and change, with the knowledge that it’s OK to change and grow. I would have never thought that I would be able to unlock so much potential, so much positivity, strength, and understanding of myself as I have done. I certainly couldn’t have done it without you.

Trent Roll

EL1 Operations Manager, Australian Public Service

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